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Step of Faith

A ‘sea change’ can be a step of faith. It certainly was for Caitlin, who left the busy city of Sydney to move to the little fishing village of Maya Bay on the East Coast of New South Wales in Australia. It was on impulse, but, as she settled in, she felt that maybe she was meant to be there. Especially so after she came to know Stewart Nottingham, a Christian widower with two small children. Caitlin’s great love for children, and her pressing hope to be a mother one day, is reflected in her kind and thoughtful ‘mothering’ of these children. Her trials and difficulties with this venture present themselves as the story progresses. The reader becomes aware of the deep feelings Stewart and Caitlin develop for each other, but Stewart’s ineptitude at expressing them and his problems concerning grief over his deceased wife, bring about hurt, bitterness and confusion. Although the one thing that remains constant is their developing attachment to each other, misunderstandings occur and it appears that their relationship is going nowhere. However, the emotions associated with their deep love cannot be kept bottled up forever. Can these problems be resolved?
In ‘Step of Faith’ the reader discovers how powerful love is, especially God’s love.

‘Step of Faith is an intriguing collection of original fiction . . .composed in captivating narrative and compelling dialogue, the story flows at brisk tempo . . ‘

Kristen Burns, Editorial Coordinator, Dorrance Publishing Co.

‘Step of Faith’ is a book of Hope, offering the reader the opportunity to look beyond themselves to the answers they were seeking.  It is warm, readable and the relationships between adults and children heart-lifting.  I would certainly recommend it to my friends.’

Mrs Kate Dam.

‘All Aboard!: Jenny’s Story of the Mayflower Voyage’


This novel for 11 to 15 year olds is based on the historic voyage of the Mayflower and the pioneering of America. The ship carried the Pilgrims who were escaping persecution. All this is seen through the eyes of Jenny, a fictional character, who is 13 years of age.  This band of courageous people experiences severe hardship, and their interaction with the native Indians provides plenty of action to keep young readers interested throughout the whole book.

‘All Aboard!: Jenny’s Story of the Mayflower Voyage’ follows Jenny’s journey in this ship amidst trouble and hardship such as lack of sufficient food and water and nearly getting lost, through to almost being shipwrecked when the main mast splits.  These experiences test the faith of the Pilgrims as they cling to the belief that God has called them to their own ‘promised land’ and freedom.  Jenny experiences fear and wonderment as they begin to settle on their own land in America and try to survive in the harsh winter.  Amazingly, she is the first person to meet up with Indians and in such an unusual manner, too!

‘’All Aboard!: Jenny’s Story of the Mayflower Voyage,’ is an exciting story that is targeted at 11 to 15 year olds and would be a great asset to school library collections. Madeleine captures the times, 1600s, in the dialogue between Jenny and her friends, and their characters develop as the story ends in an exciting climax.’

Doryn Daka

‘In ‘All Aboard!: Jenny’s Story of the Mayflower Voyage’, the author, Madeleine Calcutt, has turned early American history into an intricate and heart warming adventure, using her knowledge and informative words as her tools.’

Tasia (Year Ten)