The author, Madeleine Calcutt, has always loved writing and her teaching background led to a career as a children’s librarian in schools and public libraries. This writing passion was further fired up after completing several writing courses, teaching creative writing in community centers and forming several writing groups. Madeleine has written picture books and short stories for children, plays and short stories for adults about women. An historical novel for older children called ‘All Aboard!: Jenny’s Story of the Mayflower Voyage’ and an adult novel called ‘Step of Faith’ have been published. Madeleine is, at present, working on an historical series for teens and has branched out into freelance journalism with a travel magazine.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ahhhh there IS a comment box.
    I think, when it comes to ‘breaking through’ as an author, it matters whether the stone skips across the pond or break a window.
    Probably, the book does better, regardless of content, in the case of the broken window.
    It’s the squeaking wheel syndrome. Can you refer me to a good Islamist who can arrange a Fatwa on my first two books in this current trilogy?
    All publicity is good publicity!!

  2. This is hard as I have memory loss, and I can’t remember much from the other page. lol. I did enjoy it and your books sound like I’d enjoy them. If my kids haven’t thrown them away I hope to find and publish my childrens books too. I hope you do well. love, LinnAnn

  3. Hey whoohoo it worked, ……. Well Hi Madeleine, I will definitely check out your book about the Mayflower, sounds realy interesting. I am into cultural history myself, which also involves researching various historical facts which affect different cultures. Do you also have a blog on WP. I have one on my site, but it doesnt attract much traffic, but all this techno stuff is all new to me, so am still learning. …….. Sue

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